Got To Dance 2013 results: Godson, Antics through to grand final

Got To Dance 2013 - Godson

Street crew Antics and krumper Godson have topped the public vote in the fourth live show of Got To Dance 2013.

They saw off competition from four other acts to claim the seventh and eighth places in the grand final, which takes place in two weeks' time.

It is the second time Antics have made it, after they reached the top ten acts in last year's series. Their opening performance was praised by the judges, who claimed they'd 'raised the bar'.

"You're entertaining, you've got comedy, you've got tricks, you've got slick choreography," said Ashley Banjo. "The dancing One Direction, it's the full package."

"As a group you're so dynamic and clean and clever in the way you structure your performance and choose your music. As individuals you're so impressive and talented," added Kimberly Wyatt.

Godson later left them speechless with his routine, which ended with him ripping off his vest.

"I'm supposed to have the six pack on this show and if you don't put your shirt back on you're not getting a gold," joked Aston Merrygold.

After catching her breath, Kimberly gushed: "You're such an athlete, everything is just precision, power, dynamicism, then you mix it up and put in that smoothness and it's just… you got it right!"

The panel also awarded three gold stars to 8-year-old freestyler Amour - whose performance was pre-recorded - and contemporary duo Javier and Julie, despite agreeing that the former was technically lacking compared to his partner.

However, female group One Step Ahead recieved three red stars - while Kimberly and Ashley clashed over Gaana Rajas, who were aiming to promote the Indian 'gaana' dance style.

"You guys are representing your style to the fullest and that's what I love. Immense choreography, immense transitions," the Diversity frontman complimented.

But former Pussycat Doll Kimberly disagreed, saying: "In context of this competition I think you could be a more dynamic and explosive. It's not just about having a style, it's about having a whole package."

Tonight's show also featured a guest performance from supergroup consisting of former Got To Dance contestants Boadicea, Methods of Movement, Unity UK, and series one winner Akai.

The last semi-final of Got To Dance 2013 airs next Sunday at 6.00pm on Sky1 (HD).

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