PICTURES! Geordie Shore's Ricci Guarnaccio proposes to Vicky Pattison!


It's the final episode of Geordie Shore's chaos in Cancun tomorrow night on MTV, and it sees Ricci propose to Vicky!

It’s been a long while in the making but, as Newcastle’s finest come to the end of their Spring Break adventure in Cancun, the sound of wedding bells are in the air.

As Ricci and Vicky enjoy a romantic meal, Vicky tells Ricci that she loves him.

“I love you too” says Ricci “and I wanna prove it.” Ricci points to the sky and says to Vicky “check that”.
Vicky looks up and sees a plane flying overhead with the tail message: ‘Vicky will you marry me?’

Vicky turns to Ricci, starts to cry and says yes. “I’m not the girl who gets proposed to by the man of her dreams. And all of a sudden I am that girl and I’m so so happy” says Vicky

The pair have had many ups and downs over the last few weeks, and were at one point close to breaking up after a number of rows.

But now it seems all is back on track!

Catch the FINAL EPISODE of Geordie Shore tomorrow Tuesday 14th at 10pm only on MTV.

Browse snaps from the Geordie Shore finale below...

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