Is Geordie Shore scripted? 'Fake' claims after 'leaked script' is posted online

Geordie Shore fake?


Is this the proof that Geordie Shore is fake and scripted? It may well be...

Ahead of tonight's latest episode on MTV, a supposed 'leaked script' has made its way online.

A scrunched up page was posted on Twitter by @sarahsarginson with a caption: "Next time your producers go for lunch @mtvgeordieshore make sure they don't leave behind their belongings #scriptedAF"

The document sets out details for 'Scene 2.06' on the third day of shooting.


The script doesn't suggest that any cast members are given explicit lines but does show how conversations are set up between them. "Get some funny chat from Nathan and Marnie," one part reads.

Another paragraph says: "Abbie can have a funny chat about her tan Maybe"

A spokesperson for MTV declined to comment on the picture.

Geordie Shore has often been branded fake and scripted but star of the show Marnie Simpson defended its reputation last month.

"It's not true! Geordie Shore is 100% real," she declared. "We would never in a million years do things that we didn't want to do."

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Marnie continued: "It is a TV show and of course we get put in certain situations, but everything we do on the show is what we choose to do."

She added: "If I don't want to do something, I have the option to say no to anything. If we really don't want to be in certain situations, we have the option not to be."

Geordie Shore airs 10PM on MTV Tuesday nights.

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