Chico says Dancing On Ice judges better than The X Factor's!

Chico (Dancing On Ice)

Singer Chico has said that the Dancing On Ice judges are better than those on The X Factor!

The former X Factor finalist, who finished in fifth place back in 2005, said that DOI panellists Louie Spence, Katarina Witt and Robin Cousins had been "bang on" through the series.

"I think the judges on Dancing On Ice have been bang on," Chico explained. "The X Factor judges say fantastic things about their own acts even if they're rubbish.

"Obviously that doesn't happened here- I can’t' fault their criticism."

Chico, who finished third on the show on Sunday, also revealed how the show's training process had left him with a body more toned than ever!

He added: "Training strips the fat off you. I could crack nuts with my bum."

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