Dancing On Ice 2012: Jorgie Porter refuses to wash lucky (and smelly) socks!

Jorgie Porter (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice 2012 finalist Jorgie Porter has been wearing the same three pairs of socks for 11 weeks, because she thinks they're lucky!

The Hollyoaks actress wears all three pairs at once when skating on the live shows, with her professional partner Matt Evers suggesting they've helped them reach the final.

According to the Daily Star, Matt has told her not to wash them before next Sunday's last show as it could result in bad luck.

The newspaper claims that the socks have been the talk of the show's backstage crew and other finalists, mainly because of their smell!

“All the celebrity skaters start off wearing multiple socks because they claim the skates hurt their feet and they take a while to get used to," a source tells the newspaper. “Most then go down to just one pair when they feel more comfy.

“However, Jorgie has kept hers on all the time because Matt believes they’re lucky charms.

“But the other semi-finalists think they pong like mad and have been giving her a wide berth.”

Dancing On Ice 2012 final airs on Sunday on ITV1.

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