Dancing On Ice 2012: Jennifer Ellison can't wait to "reap the benefits" of her sexy new body!

Jennifer Ellison (Dancing On Ice)

Eliminated Dancing On Ice contestant Jennifer Ellison has said she can't wait to "reap the benefits" of her new sexy body!

Speaking to The Sun today, Jen revealed how the show had left with "buns of steel", and now she was out of the competition she couldn’t wait to enjoy some private time with her husband.

"I feel so much fitter and sexier since doing Dancing On Ice," Jen explained. "My husband loves my toned body and is always complimenting me, but I feel really mean as I've been making him wait.

"He's had to watch my dance partner Dan doing all the sexy moves with me on the ice, so now it's his turn.

"We can't wait until the end of the series, then we can really reap the benefits."

Jen, who narrowly missed out on a place in the Dancing On Ice 2012 final last night, added: "Doing the show has been like one long exercise class — it's been like doing a permanent squat.

"My legs and bum are so toned now. I wasn't joking when I said I could crack nuts with my bum!"

Jorgie Porter, Matthew Wolfenden and Chico will be competing for the title in next weekend's last show of the series.