Dancing On Ice 2012: Jennifer Ellison has "buns of steel"!

Jennifer Ellison (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice 2012 semi-finalist Jennifer Ellison has revealed how the show has left her with "buns of steel"!

The former soap actress explains to this week's heat magazine that the past 10 weeks have left her feeling better and looking more toned than ever!

She said: “I don’t think skating is good for actually losing weight, as you need to eat so much just to keep your energy levels up but it is like being in a permanent squat so I’m definitely more toned. I’ve got buns of steel now!”

But Jennifer confessed that the show had been hard on her family life, having missed her husband and her son.

“[It’s been] hard. It’s been the only downside, because I come down on Thursday night and I go home on Monday," she explained. "[My son Bobby] is at the age where he understands, so he gets to the train station and says ‘Bye train! No no no!’

"It’s hard being a mum because they want you. And Sunday’s mother’s day as well.”

But despite being stuck on the ice rink for most of the day, Jennifer joked she has still had to keep up with the day to day tasks such as shopping!

She laughed: "I try to run as much of my life online with my food shopping and banking, so once I am at home I can just relax and enjoy time with my family. It makes it much easier to get back on the ice. And if all else fails I hit the Red Bull.”

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues tomorrow night on ITV1, with Jennifer fighting it out for one of three spots in the final, but she's happy just to have come so far.

"I could leave this show and feel like I have done what I needed to do. I want to be here, raising my profile. I got a little boy and a family and I want to do it for my family," she adds.

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