Dancing On Ice 2012 was 'like rehab' for Chemmy Alcott

Chemmy Alcott (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice 2012 star Chemmy Alcott has said that taking part in the show was 'like rehab' for her.

The Olympic skier was axed by the judges in Sunday night's results show, but was over the moon about how far she had progressed.

The blonde beauty nearly had to give up her dreams after breaking her leg whilst training for the 2010 winter Olympics.

Speaking after her exit on This Morning, Chemmy said: "There are so many reasons I did this show, fate really intervened. It was a massive opportunity to test my leg, because a year ago I genuinely couldn’t walk.

"I’m not being over dramatic, now look at all the things I can do. I wouldn’t have been able to ski this year and now I’m able to do that and it will really influence my comeback, which is fantastic."

Chemmy continued: "This wasn’t a risk for me, this was rehab.

"I can’t go into life saying ‘I could get injured today.’ I have to go on a limit every time I perform. It wasn’t a risky decision to do this, it was about rehab and [my skating partner] Sean helping me become strong again. I didn’t consider the injury aspect."

And Chemmy revealed also revealed that her aim was to get straight back onto the slopes as soon as possible in a bid to make the 2014 winter games.

She added: "Straight after the tour I am going to be skiing again."

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues on Sunday night with the final four taking part in the Ultimate Skills Test.

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