Dancing On Ice 2012 props week: Jorgie Porter struggles with the ribbon

Jorgie Porter (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice 2012 contestant Jorgie Porter has revealed her fears of crashing onto the ice tomorrow night, having struggled with this weekend's props theme.

This Sunday's show will see the five remaining celebrity skaters take part in a circus, with Jorgie playing the part of a gymnast with a ribbon.

But despite what may seem to be a rather simple prop to handle, compared to the five various objects that Matthew Wolfenden has been trying to manage, Jorgie insists it's no walk in the park.

"I'm not feeling a pressure to win, I'm feeling a pressure to stay alive," she said today. "That ribbon is a nightmare. I've had it wrapped round my feet, my knees, my neck.

"It's so hard to make it go where you want and it really makes your arm hurt — you need huge movements and the stick I hold is really heavy.

"It's such an unpredictable prop. We could trip on it, cut it up or skate over it. It could tangle our legs together. You could be blinded if the end caught you in the eye.

"It's like dancing with another person on the ice. I've called the ribbon Penelope — it's massive, three times longer than me."

Speaking to The Sun today, Jorgie revealed that the ribbon Penelope was leaving her full of cuts.

She said: "You get little ribbon cuts like paper cuts. They are only small but they really sting."

The Hollyoaks star remains the favourite to win the series later this month, but also admitted to being worried about tomorrow's show.

The petite blonde beauty added to the newspaper today: "I've only had one training session this week because of work.

"But hopefully we'll pull it together on Saturday and Sunday and get there on time. My body feels tired now too, but I'm buzzing on adrenalin."

Dancing On Ice 2012 airs Sunday nights on ITV1.

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