Dancing On Ice 2012: Chico blames being in the skate off on his lucky necklace breaking

Chico (Dancing On Ice)

Superstitious Dancing On Ice contestant Chico has refused to move dressing rooms, fearing it will give him bad luck.

The former X Factor star also blamed his lucky necklace for putting him in the skate off last Sunday, after it broke before he went onto the ice.

The camp star, who this weekend will be skating to LMFAO's Sexy And I Know It, has now had the necklace fixed ahead of the weekend's latest show.

"Chico is very superstitious. When his necklace broke, he blamed that for ending up in the skate-off," an insider told The Sun today.

The source added: "Then producers tried to move the contestants into different dressing rooms but Chico refused.

"He doesn't seem to like change to his rituals."

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues this Sunday night on ITV1.

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