Dancing On Ice 2012: Christine Bleakley hits out at the internet's "faceless bitchiness"

Christine Bleakley (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice host Christine Bleakley has said she doesn't bother to read internet comments about herself, saying forums and websites like Twitter have created "a lot of faceless bitchiness"

The former Daybreak host hit back at her critics, saying: “The internet has created a lot of faceless bitchiness. I don’t dwell on it, I don’t even read it.”

Speaking to this week's Fabulous magazine, Christine adds: “I won’t have them making me feel miserable. I can’t make people like me.

Instead, Christine explains she's focusing on her fans and future, saying of her latest role as Dancing On Ice presenter: “I’ve had the most incredible feedback from fans, which means more than anything.

“I’ve got 101 things going on the rest of the year, which is brilliant, but I’m focusing on Dancing On Ice at the moment.”

To read the full interview in this weekend’s Fabulous pick up your copy with the Sun – now on Sunday!

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