Who left Dancing On Ice 2012? Sam Nixon eliminated in the results show!

Sam Nixon

Sam Nixon has become the latest person to leave Dancing On Ice 2012 this evening, in a surprising skate off with Chico.

Chico and Sam were the bottom two skaters after the public votes were combined with the judges' scores from earlier in the evening.

The panel had previous awarded Sam 22 points and Chico 24.5, but those were forgotten as the pair took part in the skate off.

Once both Chico and Sam had skated again for the judges, the panel decided who to save.

Louie said: "This is a difficult one, two very different but two very good performances, but I'm going with Chico."

Robin said: "You both stepped up and delivered much stronger performances than in the show, but one of you stepped up more, so I'm saving Chico."

Making it a clean sweep, Katarina agreed, saying: "You both nailed it and skated like it was your last chance but I'm saving Chico."

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues next Sunday on ITV1.