Jennifer Ellison says Dancing On Ice has left her with no sex life!

Jennifer Ellison (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice star Jennifer Ellison has revealed how the show's gruelling schedule has left with no sex life!

Speaking to the Daily Mirror this week, Jennifer explained how she was feeling her sexiest ever thanks to the tough workouts in training, but hadn't yet had the chance to show off her new body in bed.

"I want a sexy Size 8 dress," she tells the newspaper. "And I'm looking forward to getting back into a bikini now I've got my flat tummy back.

"[My husband] thought I was sexy when I was big, but he thinks my body looks fantastic now.

"The only trouble is finding the time. We haven't got a sex life! I am constantly on the ice. We'll have to remedy that when the show finishes... that's something to look forward to."

In her interview with the tabloid, Jennifer also confessed the challenges of the skating series had surprised her.

"It is nerve-racking and brutal and harder than I ever imagined," she said. "Dressing up is fun too. It's like being a human Barbie doll.

"You turn up, get a spray tan, have your hair and make-up done and off you go. It's a five-year-old's dream.

"I've never been a role model for women before. But now they come up to me in the street and say, `You've done brilliant, girl'."

Jennifer avoided the skate off on last night's show and will go on to compete in the series' team event next week.