Dancing On Ice 2012: Christine Bleakley thinks more injuries (and blood!) will boost ratings!

Dancing On Ice host Christine Bleakley has said she thinks more injuries and blood will help boost the show's declining ratings!

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the brunette telly presenter said that viewers prefer a show with "fear".

"Viewers want to have the fear factor that the contestants can be hurt," she explained. "It's like going to ice hockey matches back at home in Northern Ireland – people love the blood on the ice.

"It's all a bit barbaric."

Irish Christine also revealed her "respect" for the show's female celebrity skaters, saying: "They are reliant on these male celebrities who don't have a clue how to lift them."

Dancing On Ice 2012 has seen a huge dip in ratings, falling to less than 7 million viewers after starting with 9 million back in January.

The series continues this Sunday night with a rock themed show.

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