Dancing On Ice 2012: Heidi Range feels "lucky" to have got so far

Heidi Range (Dancing On Ice Live Show 1)

Eliminated Dancing On Ice star Heidi Range has said she feels "lucky" to have got so far in the competition.

The Sugababe was booted out of the show last night alongside Sebastien Foucan in a double elimination after a solo skate off.

28-year-old Heidi told the Metro how she was grateful for the show's "positive" influence, following her break up from ex-fiancée Dave Berry after eight years together.

"Doing the show has been great. It's something really positive in my life and I feel lucky to be doing this and having such a good time," she told the newspaper

And the singer insisted that she and Dave were still on talking terms. She added: "Dave and I speak all the time and we'll always be friends."

Heidi also admitted that she couldn't believe how far she had come in the past two months, revealing: "When we did one lift for the first time on the ice, I was so scared I had to run to the toilet because I thought I was going to throw up."

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues next Sunday night on ITV1.

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