Dancing On Ice's Jorgie Porter fears cutting Matt's ear off with dangerous move this week!

Jorgie Porter (Dancing On Ice)

Jorgie Porter has revealed she fears she'll "crash and burn" on Dancing On Ice after struggling to get rest in-between training sand recording Hollyoaks.

The soapstar, who is partnered with hunky Matt Evers on the show, current spends her week in-between the ice rink in North London's Elstree studios and the Hollyoaks set based in Liverpool.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Jorgie confessed: "The adrenalin's keeping me going, but I'll probably crash and burn at some stage. I'm hoping that day won't come until after I've been voted off the ice - but right now, I'm just really hyper. Everything is happening at once.

"When the show inevitably comes to an end for me, I'll be gutted to not be doing it any more."

And after seeing Jennifer Ellison cut her head on last weekend's live show, Jorgie admits its left her nervous about Sunday's upcoming performance.

"My biggest fear is injuring Matt," the petite bubbly blonde beauty confessed. "My skates are wrapped around his head a lot, and I'm scared I'm going to chop an ear off or something."

However despite the nerves, Jorgie remains the strong favourite to win the show, pulling away from rival soap star Matthew Wolfenden after last Sunday's series high score of 26 points.

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