Dancing On Ice host Christine Bleakley banned from ice-skating!

Christine Bleakley (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice host Christine Bleakley may spend most of her weekends next the rink, but show bosses have banned her from stepping foot onto the ice!

Health and Safety officers have told presenter Christine that she's not allowed to go anywhere near the ice, over fears she'll injure herself.

TV chiefs banned former Daybreak from even standing on the ice during a recent photo shoot for a newspaper.

"She can wear skates but she's not allowed to touch the ice during the shoot," an organiser told the Daily Mirror. "Health and safety won't allow it. And this isn't negotiable."

And when Christine attempted to defy the ban, the official quickly reacted: "Christine, we're not joking. You're not skating."

Speaking to the tabloid, the Irish beauty moaned: "This is just great. It's like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey and it not being able to take a bite!"

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