Dancing On Ice 2012: Jennifer Ellison vows to bounce back from head injury

Jennifer Ellison (Dancing On Ice)

Jennifer Ellison's Dancing On Ice partner Daniel Whiston has insisted that the actress will bounce back after her injury on last night’s live show.

The 28-year-old was left bleeding from the head after she managed to cut herself with her own skate during a rather flexible bend during the routine.

Jennifer managed to continue skating until the end, when she was quickly whisked away for medicinal attention.

"Her whole hair was just red because obviously the heart's pumping and a lot of blood's come out. But she's in great hands," skating pro Dan explained.

But he insisted that the former Brookside star was fine and wouldn't let the injury knock her confidence.

"It was scary but she's in good hands now," he continued. "She's made of hard stuff."

Jennifer was able to be quickly patched up by the show's on-site medical team and was even well enough to take to the ice for the results show, where she avoided the skate off.

Head judge Robin Cousins said last night that the incident acted as a tough reminder to all of the celebrities of the dangers ice skating brings.

"As a dancer the last thing you would think about would be what's on the end of the boot," he told the stars. "The other thing that people do forget is that the skates make your feet the heaviest part of your body so just doing a little bit of a flick certainly makes the whole thing go a lot harder."

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues next Sunday night with the Ultimate Skills Test and a double elimination!

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