Dancing On Ice 2012: Heidi Range says she's become 'immune' to pain!

Heidi Range (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice star Heidi Range has said she's now got used to injuring herself during training, to the point that she barely feels pain anymore!

The Sugababe told the Daily Mirror that she was left devastated in the first few weeks of the show after she almost had to pull out after injuring her wrist.

She explained: “I hurt my knees yesterday, but the first bad fall was when my bone came right out of my wrist. I fell while practising a really simple step but it was an awkward fall. I heard it make a loud crack. They took me straight to hospital, where I was sobbing as they told me they thought it was broken.

“I was distraught at the thought of having to quit the show, but luckily it wasn’t broken. The bone had just come out of the joint. The physio is like a magician and she managed to twist it in a funny way and shove it back in."

And Heidi went on to tell the tabloid she's become almost immune to the pain of falling over and cutting herself!

“It’s become so frequent I’ve got used to being in pain," she revealed to the newspaper. "I’m almost expecting to be carrying an ice pack, heat pack, stitches – I’ve stopped being shocked.

“I cut my leg open with the blade of my skate on film week – the blade went into my leg and I had to have it stitched up. It was only one stitch but I wasn’t even surprised anymore.

“I’m at the stage where as long as the bones aren’t broken I’m fine with it.”

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues this Sunday night with the Ultimae Skills Test.

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