Dancing On Ice 2012: Jorgie Porter has 'surprised herself' with her skating success

Jorgie Porter and Matt Evers

Dancing On Ice star Jorgie Porter has claimed she started the show like 'Bambi on ice', despite now topping the leader board week after week.

The petite Hollyoaks actress is currently the odds-on favourite to win the series in next month's final, having received the judges' highest scores every week bar one so far.

But Jorgie played down her triumph, saying this month: "You should have seen me on the first day on the ice. My arms were flying everywhere and my legs weren’t far behind. I was like Bambi flying into the barriers.

“I’ve really surprised myself. I went ice-skating when I was eight a couple of times and all I can remember is going really fast.

“The training boots are horrendous, you are flying about, your legs are splitting and going in different directions."

Jorgie, who is partnered with pro skating hunk Matt Evers, added: “I honestly never ever thought I would be able to skate like this, never mind backwards.

"I can’t believe where I am now.”

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues this Sunday with a team challenge.

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