Dancing On Ice 'harder than free-running' says Sébastien Foucan

Sebastien Foucan

Despite jumping off buildings and hopping between sky scrapers for a living, free-runner Sébastien Foucan has claimed that Dancing On Ice is far harder than his day job!

Sébastien, who showcased his skills in 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale, said: "This is a different field but in terms of risk it is the same.

"I was dealing with heights and cranes on James Bond but here I'm dealing with the surface of ice, which is risky and unpredictable and if you don't get it right, you can be injured."

But while Sébastien admitted to being up for attempting his dangerous free-running stunts on the ice, the fearless skater confessed he was afraid of only one thing, dropping his pro skating partner Brianne Delcourt!

"I am fearless but I think for all the male celebrities the main fear is we might drop our partners," he told The Sun today. "I'm worried all the time. I can fall but to drop my beautiful partner would be a nightmare."

And despite some clashes with Brianne, the pair seem to be getting close ahead of tomorrow night's Valentine's Day special.

"I call her [the Ice Angel] because of the way she glides and the speed she has. Some people think I'm a Spider-Man on ice but Brianne is so pure. She is the real superhero," he added.

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues on ITV1 tomorrow night.

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