Dancing On Ice 2012: Jorgie Porter insists her boyfriend isn’t jealous of Matt Evers!

Jorgie Porter and Matt Evers

Dancing On Ice star Jorgie Porter has insisted that her boyfriend isn’t jealous of her skating with professional partner Matt Evers.

Jorgie, who is dating Hollyoaks co-star James Atherton, explained that the pair's relationship wasn't going to be damaged by the show.

And despite Matt revealing this week that he had "fallen in love" with the bubbly blonde beauty, Jorgie insisted that James was fine with everything.

"No, he’s really chilled out about, he thinks Matt is great," Jorgie told new! magazine this week. "There's no jealousy because he knows that nothing is going to happen."

The petite actress also explained how James has been looking after her and treating the numerous injuries she's received from the ice.

She continued: "He gave me a little ill pack once. It had vitamin C tablets, some bubble bath, magazines and a hot-water bottle. I he looks after me."

But is James 'The One'? A coy Jorgie replies: "It's too earlytyo say but it's the closest I've felt to being with the one so far."

Aww, and just in times for Valentine’s day too!

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues tonight on ITV1.

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