Dancing On Ice 2012: Chemmy Alcott wants to gain more weight!

Chemmy Alcott (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice star Chemmy Alcott has insisted she's not going to try and slim down for the show, saying it's good for viewers to see a celeb who's "not perfect".

The Olympic skier told Closer magazine this week that the show is actually causing her to lose far more weight than she'd like, and she's trying to gain more.

"I love how I look, my boyfriend loves my physique and I get a lot of compliments," Chemmy said.

She continued: "I lost weight about four years ago to see if I cold ski faster and was a size 10, but my immune system flagged, so I knew it wasn't healthy for me.

"I did see myself standing next to Jorgie porter on TV and thought I looked like a giant, but it's refreshing for people to see someone who's not perfect."

And 5’ 7’’ Chemmy added: "I've lost more than I wanted to on the show. I've dropped to just below 11st and my fighting weight for skiing is about 11st."

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues this Sunday night with a Valentines special!

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