Jennifer Ellison expected Dancing On Ice to be easy!

Jennifer Ellison (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice star Jennifer Ellison has confessed to going into the show thinking it'd be easy!

Speaking to >Closer magazine, the former Brookside actress revealed she's been left covered from head to toe in bruises and injuries.

"I've torn all the muscles in-between my ribs, it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be!" she said. "You watch it on TV and it looks easy!"

The blonde beauty also revealed she was working out on top of her DOI training in order to keep her new slim figure, after shedding almost five stone in the run up to the show.

Jennifer revealed: "I do an hour of cardio twice a week, just to keep it up. I had about 45 chins before I lost weight!

"I've got into a certain mindset, so I don’t miss treats now."

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