Dancing On Ice 2012: Louie Spence still friends with Jason Gardiner!

Louie Spence

Despite replacing him on Dancing On Ice this year, Louie Spence has revealed he's still very much pals with Jason Gardiner!

Speaking on This Morning yesterday, Louie insisted that that his new job on the show hadn't damaged his friendship with his friendship with the former judge.

Louie told the show: "[Jason and I] had lunch yesterday and he's been having a great time, he's absolutely fine - I mean our friendship is so much stronger than any TV show.

"We are great friends and there is no animosity between us, and that's showbusiness - jobs come and go.

"That's been the same; I was in Cats, Jason was in Cats... you know, it's the same kind of thing."

He added: "We're used to this, you know, especially in TV. You're flavour of the month and then you're gone. I could be out next year, darling - I'm making the most of it and I'm having as much fun as I can because I know these things may not last."

Dancing On Ice continues this Sunday on ITV1!

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