Amy Childs admits she wants to take part in Dancing On Ice (but would be rubbish!)

Amy Childs

Amy Childs has confirmed speculation that she's hoping to take part in Dancing On Ice next year, but confessed she would probably be rubbish!

Speaking to new magazine, Amy revealed how she's been supporting by Chico and Jorgie Porter in the current series along with cousin Harry Derbidge.

"I went to watch Dancing O Ice with Harry, and it was amazing!" Amy wrote in her column this week. "I was there to support Chico - he's an old family friend and Harry was in his It's Chico Time video. I also must Jorgie Porter who is a natural on the ice."

She added: "I'm a bit jel as I have no rhythm - I'd be rubbish!

"It's a show I'd definitely considering doing though - it looks like a right laugh!"

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