Dancing On Ice 2012: Andy Whyment's Corrie co-stars hoping he'll fall over!

Andy Whyment (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On ice contestant Andy Whyment has revealed how he’s not been getting the best of support from his Corrie cast pals, saying how they've been expecting him to be 'Bambi on ice'

Speaking to What's On TV, the soap actor explained how some of his fellow telly stars have even been hoping he falls over live on the show!

"Some are saying they're expecting 'Bambi on Ice' because they think I'll just keep falling over," Andy said. "Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone, says that when he comes to watch me he hopes I fall cause it'll be funny.

"But I think that's what everyone watches it for really!"

The 30-year-old, known for playing Kirk Sutherland on the ITV1 soap, also confessed he had made a few diva requests backstage, including refusing to get a tan and demanding fewer bright outfits!

"I don't mind some of the bright colours, but I have said I'd rather not wear bright pink!" he told the magazine. "And I think I'd rather wear shirts rather than those tight vest tops because I'm not the biggest lad."

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues this Sunday on ITV1.

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