Dancing On Ice 2012: Charlene Tilton 'feels like quitting every day'

Charlene Tilton (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice contestant Charlene Tilton has confessed to finding the competition tough going, admitting today that she often feels like quitting every day in training.

The 53-yearold Daybreak that the disabled students she works with in LA have been spurring her on.

She explained: "At my age it doesn’t take a huge fall to really get hurt, it could take something really that simple!

"Every day, I say I want to quit and I think ‘I’m done, I’m finished, I can’t do it.’"

But the former Dallas star went on to reveal: "Back In LA I work with actors with autism and I teach acting to a group of people with disabilities, and I’m getting so many lovely texts, emails and messages.

"I can’t be hypocritical and quit and not try my best when my students who have so many more struggles than I do are doing so well. I have to practice what I preach."

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues this Sunday night with a special pop themed episode, with a performance from X Factor's One Direction.

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