Dancing On Ice 2012: Corey Feldman 'almost quit' over judges' scores last week

Corey Feldman (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice contestant Corey Feldman has said he almost quit the show last week after scoring just eight points from the judges for his second skate.

Speaking to The People, Corey said he as in tears after the harsh marks, which included two 2.5s from the ice panel.

"I was so hurt by those scores I ran to my dressing room and cried. I felt humiliated," he revealed to the tabloid today. “I thought, ‘Why am I here?’ If the judges think I’m that awful when I’ve worked so hard then I don’t belong here.

“I felt very ­diminished and ­inadequate and I felt like I’d gone backwards rather than forwards. I did think about ­quitting. There didn’t seem to be any point going on."

However the former Hollywood child actor explained how support from the show's production and from fans online spurred him on.

He continued: "There was a tremendous amount of support from the ­production team when they saw me like that. They were all fantastic afterwards. And when I saw all the supportive messages from fans on Twitter I ­realised I couldn’t give up.”

And Corey says he's now out to win the show ahead of tonight's latest skate.

"Training was tough with us this week as we both felt tense and somewhat defeated, however as a result it has forced me to face my fears, and try things I never thought I could do," he admitted.

"This week will be much riskier as I now I have a new goal in mind...winning!”

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues tonight at 6:15PM on ITV1.

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