Mark Rhodes says Dancing On Ice exit "revenge" for beating Sam in Pop Idol!

Mark Rhodes (Dancing On Ice)

Eliminated Dancing On Ice star Mark Rhodes reckons his early exit from the competition is revenge for beating pal Sam Nixon in Pop Idol back in 2003.

Mark was voted into second place in the competition, ahead of Michelle McManus, while his telly sidekick Sam finished in third place.

But the weekend saw Mark sent home from Dancing On Ice by the judges after just two skates, while Sam went on to skate again.

Speaking to The Sun about his exit, he explained: "There was a lot of competition between Sam and me beforehand — then I saw Sam skate and I thought, 'Wow, I've got no chance!'

"But now that he has beaten me at Dancing On Ice, we can put the Pop Idol thing to bed. We had Sam and Mark T-shirts made for fans in the audience so I am just going to have to cross my name off."

And he insisted there were no hard feelings from being beaten by Sam, adding: "If invited, I will be there in the audience cheering Sam on every week. I put a bet on him, a tenner at 33-1, so happy days if it comes in."