Dancing On Ice 2012: Laila Morse reckons she was a better skater than Cory Feldman!

Laila Morse (Dancing On Ice)

Axed Dancing On Ice star Laila Morse has hit out at the show's judges, claiming that she was a better skater than Cory Feldman!

Corey and Laila found themselves in the bottom two on Sunday night, with the judges all saving Hollywood actor Corey over her.

While Laila, who has been struggling with a shoulder injury, admitted to being relieved to have been booted out, she did feel she was the better skater on the night.

“I take no notice of what the judges say. They could slag me off, that is there opinion. I don’t bother with them. I know if I have done alright," she told the Daily Mirror today.

The Eastenders star added: “When I saw it was me and Cory(in the skate off) I knew I was going. I just knew. I think we were better than him. But another week training with one arm, d’you know what I mean? It would have been difficult.”

But despite the complaints, Laila confessed the early exit has “done her a favour".

She said: "I can go and get my shoulder sorted out and have a nice holiday somewhere. I can take the money and run.

“I am not disappointed I am quite pleased I am out. Suffering this injury to the arm makes it very difficult and I don’t think it is fair on Lukesh to be my crutch as they say. I was always depending on him.”

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