Dancing On Ice 2012: Andy Akinwolere hits out at Louie Spence!

Andy Akinwolere (Dancing On Ice)

Eliminated Dancing On Ice 2012 contestant Andy Akinwolere hit out at new judge Louie Spence today after the camp choreographer saved Heidi Range over him on Sunday's skate off.

Andy became the first contestant to be eliminated from this year's Dancing On Ice series, with both Louie and head judge Robin Cousins keeping Heidi.

Louie, who had given Andy a 3.5 out of 10 for his first ever skate, told him on the show: "The moves are there but very floppy."

But hitting back today, Andy told The Sun: "Too floppy! Perhaps Louie doesn't like me? Perhaps I'm not his type? I can't be everyone's type. Come on, Louie!"

He continued: "I'm really gutted, I wasn't expecting it at all. I felt disappointed by Louie's comments because I felt marked quite harshly."

Andy's professional partner, Maria Filippov, agreed, saying: "I strongly disagree with Louie. I don't think Andy is a person without rhythm — that was completely wrong and many people said that.

"Andy isn't a trained dancer so you wouldn't expect him to have refined movement but he definitely has rhythm."

However Andy seems to have gotten over the axe quickly, adding: "At the end of the day I've learned to skate, learned to dance."

Dancing On Ice 2012 continues this Sunday on ITV1.

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