Dancing On Ice 2012: Chesney Hawkes fears 'doing a Todd Carty'

Chesney Hawkes (Dancing On Ice)

Dancing On Ice 2012 hopeful Chesney Hawkes has joked he fears 'doing a Todd Carty' on the ice when the live shows kick off on Sunday.

The 40-year-old singer, who has been partnered with Jodeyne Higgins, admitted to struggling fitting in rehearsals with his job and kids.

"I'm throwing myself into it 100% percent…well as much as I can with 3 jobs and 3 kids," he said.

Speaking ahead of the weekend's first live show, he continued: “I guess I’m dreading doing a ‘Todd Carty’ really and not being ready technically. I just want to be comfortable and being able to do the steps second nature. It's when you think too much is when it all goes wrong.”

He added: “The fact is we're all out of our comfort zone here, we're not professional skaters. We're all going to give it our all and our best, and if our best is not up to their standards, I'm sure we’ll get judged accordingly and I'm quite happy to take anything. Plus I'll give as much as I get.”

Chesney also says he’s ready to embrace the tight spandex outfit and has challenged the costume team to ‘bring it on.’

"I'm trying not to think about the live shows! I guess the thing I'm most looking forward to is having my kids there. I'm really excited to see their little faces watching daddy in spandex!" he explained.

"I had a meeting with the costume designer and he asked if there was anything I wouldn’t like to wear and I was like 'No! Bring it on!' He then asked, 'so you don't mind showing a bit of breast?' and I was like 'no not at all!'"

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Dancing On Ice starts on January 8 on ITV1.

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