Celeb chef Aldo Zilli opens his restaurant at midnight for hungry Dancing On Ice tour stars!

Laura Hamilton

Stars of this year's Dancing On Ice 2011 tour had a treat this Easter bankholdiday weekend as they enjoyed a midnight feast at a top London restaurant. According to The Sun, celeb chef Aldo Zilli opened his Soho Zilli Fish branch for the tired stars after Denise Welsh begged him on the phone!

A source told the newspaper: "There was an unofficial wrap party and the gang wanted to head into town for food but then realised nowhere would be open on a bank holiday.

"Denise suggested she try ringing Aldo because they are pals. To everyone's amazement he said he would open up for them. He made a feast for them until turning in at 3am. Denise wanted to carry the party on but everyone else was ready to call it a night."

The Dancing On Ice 2011 tour will come to an end next week, and insiders revealed it's been jam-packed with drama. "It's been an eventful tour," source told the tabloid. "There's been even more drama than there was on the series."