Chloe Madeley's ex-boyfriend's dad hits out at the Dancing On Ice star

Chloe Madeley

The dad of Chloe Madeley's ex-boyfriend has hit out at the Dancing On Ice star for dumping his son and instead coupling up with Dancing On Ice champion Sam Attwater. We reported last week how Chloe and Sam at gotten close in rehearsals for the tour and were now official an item.

The news was an embarrassment for Chloe's ex Glenn Crickmar, who in the same week spoke in a magazine interview about how in love he was with the telly presenter. Glenn's Dad Kevin this week hit out at the skating celebrity, fuming: "Glenn is shocked but he won't speak about it. It came so out of the blue.

"One minute she and Glenn are posing happily in Hello! magazine and the next she's with Sam. Of course, he's confused and upset. And, of course, I am angry as a father. No one likes to see their child upset but it's up to them to sort it out.

"I will say it's mean for somebody to do that. I've met Chloe and I have my opinions but I don't want to say anything else and then get told off by my son."

The news was made worse after Kevin told another magazine that his son was planning to propose to Chloe after her success in the ITV1 reality show. Oh the drama...