Sam Attwater: I have no regrets about romance with Brianne!

Sam Attwater

Dancing On Ice 2011 winner Sam Attwater has insisted he has no regrets over his romance with skating partner Brianne. The pair quickly hooked up after starting skating on the ITV1 show, and controversially carried on to make out they were together even after breaking up!

Talking to The Sun about the duo's relationship, Sam insisted it was genuine. "You get so close to your partner. You're with them 24/7," Sam explained, "Brianne and me we were together and then everyone was talking about us and not our skating."

He added: "I love her to pieces - and no, I don't regret it."

The Eastenders actor recalled how the former couple had first got together, telling the newspaper: "Each day is like a week and each week is like a year - you spend so much time together. You're in this tiny bubble and you get to know everyone so well. You learn to know that person quicker than anyone else. From day one, Brianne and me went for dinner and we had drinks and so on and we just clicked instantly.

"Unfortunately things didn't work out in the long run - but that's life."

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