Jason Gardiner on Karen Barber: Our relationship is now non-existant

Karen Barber

Dancing On Ice panellist Jason Gardiner has revealed his relationship with head coach Karen Barber has become non-existent since the pair had a spat live on air earlier in the series. More than 3,000 people complained to both ITV and telly watchdog Ofcom when Jason told Karen if her opinion mattered she'd still be on the panel.

Jason's comments hit the ice dancer hard, having been demoted from judging the show to simply being a coach on the sidelines. Despite the tears on the night and the complaints however, no actions were taken against Gardiner and Ofcom cleared his comments.

Talking about the incident, Jason admitted: "The Karen incident is a regret, because that was quite a real on air spat. Nobody ever wants to go into their work environment and have a barny with their co-worker."

Keen to pin the blame on himself though, Jason added: "I did attempt an apology but that went down like a cup of cold sick."

Asked about his relationship with Karen now, Jason revealed: "What relationship? It’s non-existent. We don’t talk."

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