Global teen sensation Justin Bieber reveals he's a fan... of Dancing On Ice!

Justin Bieber

Dancing On Ice isn't exactly the show you'd imagine appealing to a 17-year-old pop superstar, but Justin Bieber revealed his love of the show yesterday - even saying he'd love to take part in it! Canadian singer Bieber is currently on tour here in the UK and is said to be keeping up with the show in his hotel room!

The teen star admitted: "I love all kinds of skating," but had one condition that had to be met if he was to appear on the programme. "Next time I see David Beckham I will say that if he agrees to do it then so will I," he told The Sun yesterday.

The 'Baby' singer even confessed to being 'miffed' that his favourite Johnson had left the competition on Sunday, saying: "I really wanted Johnson to win. Now I would choose Laura Hamilton."

Bieber a fan of the white stuff? Who knew!