Jason Gardiner tells Phillip Schofield to "mind his own business" over hair transplant rumours!

Jason Gardiner

Dancing On Ice panellist Jason Gardiner snapped at the show's host Phillip Schofield yesterday, telling him to "mind his own business" when he questioned whether or not Jason had received a hair transplant. There have been many rumours about what exactly is going on under Jason's cap this series, with the ever critical judge refusing to remove it.

Previous Phillip Schofield has hinted that Jason may well have tried to cure his baldness by going for a hair transplant, but the judge has been keen to keep speculation to a minimum. On This Morning yesterday however, Schofield asked Jason: "So tell us what magic is going on under that hat.”

Jason snapped: "Mind your own business.”

What do you reckon is going on under Jason's array of hats this series? Hopefully we'll finally get a sneak peak during Sunday's Dancing On Ice final!

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