Jason Gardiner "bored" of criticism of his judging role on Dancing On Ice

Jason Gardiner

Dancing On Ice 2011 judge Jason Gardiner has said he is "bored" of being criticised about having a role on the panel despite not being able to skate himself. Defending his position as a judge on the show, Gardiner told This Morning yesterday he was there to look at the celebrity's dance and performance skills.

"I wasn't hired as a skating expert - that's why we have a world champion [Robin Cousins] on the panel - please people get that through," he moaned. "I'm there looking at the dance and the performance, that's my background and area of expertise. Emma and I never talk about whether they are technically skating correctly - I always critique the overall performance."

Talking about his weird and quite often offensive analogies used his comments, Jason explained: "Look, as I've always maintained the reason why I use the analogies that I do - I know it's a bit of a slap at first - but in the world that I came from in dance, that's how it is.

"They really do hammer at you and you sort of sit there and go 'Oh my God' - but then you sort of process it and you understand it. If I spewed out all this technical jargon they wouldn't understand what I'm talking about and it would be lost on them."


Meanwhile Jason's fellow judge Robin Cousins backed him up, adding: "I've always said I love the fact that he has an opinion and is able to justify it and say it - I wish I could have the nerve to say similar. Probably not the same thing! But to have the nerve to be that blunt."

Dancing On Ice 2011 concludes this Sunday evening from 7:40PM on ITV1, with Laura Hamilton, Chloe Madeley and Sam Attwater battling it out to be crowned champion of the ice.

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