Dancing On Ice star Laura Hamilton on her boobs, body and weight

Laura Hamilton

Dancing On Ice star Laura Hamilton has revealed how much taking up skating has improved her health, fitness and body. The skating favourite told Closer magazine this week that her months of training on the ice have helped her lose weight, tone up and become stronger than ever.

The former kids television presenter told the mag: “My body has never been better. I hadn’t noticed until two weeks ago, when I was wearing a costume that showed off my midriff. Colin pointed and said: ‘Wow, look at that,’ and Chloe Madeley told me she was really jealous of how much I’d toned up!”

Despite losing weight however, petite Laura insists her body is all the better for it. “I’m still a size 8, but all my wobbly bits have toned up," she explained in the interview. "My bum’s lifted, my muffin top has gone and my tummy has real definition – my boyfriend says it’s ‘ripped!’ Even my thighs – which are usually quite big – are slimmer and unbelievably toned."

Laura joked: "I’m just worried about what I’ll look like when I stop training.”

And for those readers looking to lose a few pounds, Laura has some advice: "I’ve never been a drinker though, and that has helped me stay slim,” she says.


The telly host, who now boasts an enviable 28FF bust, also revealed how she was flat chested until she was 15 "They suddenly grew!" Laura explained, "I was paranoid about them at first but luckily my hips grew and I have my mum’s tiny 25-inch waist, so I look in proportion."

You can read Laura Hamilton's full interview - complete with a sexy photoshoot - in this week's Closer magazine.

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