Competing on Dancing On Ice has been an "incredible journey" says Johnson Beharry

Johnson Beharry

War hero Johnson Beharry VC has revealed how much competing in Dancing On Ice has had an impact on his life and health, saying his eight weeks on the program have been an "incredible journey" for him. The soldier, who was awarded the Victoria Cross in 2005, revealed how the show has started to heal some of his long term injuries he received whilst in Iraq.

Johnson said yesterday after his elimination: "I know now one day I'll have full communication from head to legs, which is incredible."

He continued: “At the start I’d get given routines and have trouble remembering them. But about eight weeks into the show, it picked up. Eight weeks into the show I felt a difference in my brain."

The fourth-placed skater added: "I felt a change processing information and took in routines more quickly. I've had an incredible journey."

Johnson will go on to take part in the Dancing On Ice tour next month.

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