Sam deserves to be there and don't write off Chloe! Jason Gardiner on the DOI final...

Sam and Biranne

Jason Gardiner has given his thoughts on the remaining three contestants following their performances on Sunday as Dancing On Ice nears its dramatic conclusion this weekend. Writing in his regular column in The Sun today, Jason said he felt Sam "deserved" to be in the final add that people shouldn't write off Chloe's chances.

"Sam really came back into his stride and his partnership gelled brilliantly," Jason said of Attwater's Sunday routine. "He gave what I considered to be a true semi-final performance in both his solo and partnered routine with Brianne."

Jason continued: "I am absolutely thrilled that he is a finalist. I always hoped he would be - Sam deserves to be there."

Meanwhile on Chloe Madeley, who was saved by the judges in Sunday's skate off, Jason admitted: "She is the outsider but is unpredictable. Don't write her off."

But it seemed Jason had a clear favourite amongst the trio of celebs competing for the Dancing On Ice 2011 crown, saying of Laura Hamilton: "She's had lots of things thrown at her through the series but handled them better than anyone. On Sunday she was exceptional in her solo skate. It was lively and daring."

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