No flying in this year's Dancing On Ice final, as celebs get to showcase their skills

Dancing On Ice

This year's Dancing On Ice celebrities won't get the chance to 'fly' during their final routines, coaches Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have confirmed. Instead, the three finalists will each get to perform a showcase routine where they are in total control - everything from the costumes to the lighting will be in their hands!

"The flying has gone away but this year we are really excited because we are doing a showcase routine," Chris said on This Morning. "The celebrities get to decide about the routine with other professionals in it. they will be involved in styling it, they are involved with the concept...the lighting and the costumes."

After the showcase round a vote will be taken where third place will be announced. Christ continued: "The showcase will be about them and how they entertain.

"The two who have entertained the most will then go forward to compete head-to-head with their version of the Bolero."

The Dancing On Ice 2011 final will start at 7:40PM on ITV1 this Sunday.

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