I'm a better reality telly judge than Simon Cowell, claims Jason Gardiner!

Jason Gardiner

Dancing On Ice's ever critical panelist Jason Gardiner has claimed he is a better reality telly judge than The X Factor's Simon Cowell. The dancer criticised Cowell's position on the music show as he did not have any firsthand experience of singing or performing, unlike Jason himself who is of course a famous ice-skater.

Jason told The Sun today: "Simon is a successful music mogul and definitely knows what the trends are and what's marketable. But does he know how to say to a singer, 'This is how you need to support your diaphragm, this is how you need to project your voice, you need to pull back here'?'

"Can he use technical vocal terms in order to help them to improve their overall sound? Ultimately with a singing competition it comes down to the sound that you produce."

Jason continued on his rant, adding: "Yes it's the whole package – are they marketable do they have the image? All that kind of stuff he absolutely knows what he's talking about. But the difference is I'm critiquing people on how to perform and how to dance and I definitely know from my background and 20 years of experience how to impart technical criticism in order for them to improve."

Despite the criticisms of Simon however, Jason did admit in his interview to the paper the pair were also quite alike. "I've been compared to him a lot," he explained, "We are both seen as the toughest on the panel and we don't sugar-coat anything."

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