Laura Hamilton and Colin Ratushniak to take on risky headbanger move

Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton and professional partner Colin Ratushniak have revealed they'll be taking on a risky version of the headbanger move during this Sunday's show. Speaking to us here at TellyMix however, Laura confessed there was even worse the moves the duo were struggling with!

In training today Laura was having to wear a crash helmet due to fears for her safety regarding the move, with coaches Torvill and Dean not letting the telly presenter remove it until they were confident enough in her abilities. Former Dancing On Ice winner explained why the move was so dangerous: "She is attempting the headbanger from an edge. That means she will take off, off one foot.

"The way I did the headbanger was that you started on the floor and give your leg to the boy but Laura’s trying it off the edge of her blade, which is a very professional way to do it – one tiny slip and she’s gone.

"A few years ago Bonnie Langford attempted it and cracked her head off the ice."

Despite the scary move however, Laura told us that it was other tricks in her routine that her and Colin were struggling with this week. "We'll be doing the headbanger move in our routine together and that's just one of the tricks we'll be performing," Laura told us. "We have got other tricks as well that have been a bit of struggle this week. So hopefully it'll all come together!"

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