Interview: TellyMix chats to Dancing On Ice star Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton

As the final of Dancing On Ice 2011 approaches ever closer, we caught up with current favourite Laura Hamilton to chat about the show and what she currently has planned for the future. Despite a rough start to the competition back in January, Laura has gone on to top the leaderboard week after week...

The telly presenter started off the show was one of the lesser known stars, but Laura's skating ability has seen her make it to the semi-finals and almost certainly into next weekend's final show. Read on as we ask her about her time on the show, this weekend's solo routine and those Xtra Factor rumours!

It's fair to say the competition didn't get off to the best of starts for yourself and Colin when you found yourself in the bottom three in the first week. With that in mind, did you ever imagine you'd make it to the semi-finals?
No, we didn't ever expect to get as far as we have so we're really grateful to everyone who has voted for us and is keeping us there.

You've scored some of the highest scores of the series but still find yourself in the bottom two ahead of poorer skates, does this ever annoy or frustrate you?
No, not at all. Each and every week we've gone out there and taken it week by week and enjoyed our performances. I don't really think that much about it.

With Jason Gardiner tipping you to score the first 10 of the series, do you feel under pressure to step up your routines?
I kind of don't tend to take a lot of notice of what's expected or what people are thinking I could do. I just try and focus on what I've been given and try to get it to the best that it can be for me and Colin.


Looking towards this Sunday, there's obviously the solo twist to contend with. How are you coping with both creating your routine and your skate with Colin?
It's obviously very different going out on the ice without Colin but we had a really good chat with Robin Cousins about how it works as a solo skater... and just going out there and performing it. Hopefully [I'll] make it entertaining for the crowd.

We'll be doing the headbanger move in our routine together and that's just one of the tricks we'll be performing. We have got other tricks as well that have been a bit of struggle this week. So hopefully it'll all come together!

What have you been using to inspire your solo routine for this weekend?
My routine is sort of fun and sexy really, so I've just been watching the artist and how she performs the song I'm skating too and just taking some inspiration from that.

Laura Hamilton

After months of gruelling training and weeks of performing, are you planning anything special to relax once the show is over?
Well we obviously have got the tour to look forward to and that takes us up until May. And I'm sure I'll go on holiday... before going straight back into work projects!

It's been reported you'll be hosting the Xtra Factor this year, are there any truth in those rumours?
Who knows? At the moment I can't confirm anything about what I'm going to be doing after the show. It's definitely something I've love to be doing if I was offered the opportunity though.

Fan of The X Factor then?
It's a great show and obviously having been part of a reality show it would be great to present something like that as you can emphasise with how everyone is auditioning and how everyone is feeling as I’ve been there and experienced it.

And finally... will you continue ice skating once the programme is finished or have you had enough of the stuff for the time being?!
I'd love to carry on skating after the show, it has been fantastic for fitness. You know, having never skated before [starting on Dancing On Ice] and now being able to skate the way I can... it's not something I really want to let go of!

Check out Laura on this Sunday's Dancing On Ice from 6:40PM on ITV.

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