I wish I could've taken part in Dancing On Ice's solo routine twist, says Jeff Brazier

Jeff Brazier

Eliminated Dancing On Ice contestant Jeff Brazier has said that the show's solo routine twist would've been right up his alley and he'd loved to have taken part in the challenge. The telly host, who was eliminated on last weekend's show, revealed he had already picked a song for his routine and started to choreograph before getting the chop.

"The contestants are making up their own routines this week in a twist that would have been right up my alley," Jeff said. "We all chose a song last week that we would like to skate to on the tour, except really the producers were lining up a track for the semi-finals for us to choreograph our own move.

"My track was Maxwell’s This Woman's Work and I can imagine because of my love for a challenge, not to mention tinkering and tightening up my routines anyway, it would (or at least should have been) an exciting week for me."

As previously revealed by TellyMix, the four remaining celebs this week will each have to create and perform their own routine alone this weekend, with just backing dancers and skaters for support. Jeff added:
"The three who make the final will have truly earned it as they will be completely responsible for their routines."

As well as their solo routine, Laura, Sam, Johnson and Chloe will still have to take part in their usual weekly performance with their professional partners. Tune into Dancing On Ice from 6:40PM on ITV1 this Sunday to see how they all fair!

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