I get hysterical before every show, admits Dancing On Ice's Chloe Madeley

Chloe Madeley

Dancing On Ice's Chloe Madeley has confessed to becoming "actually hysterical" before going out and skating on the show. Speaking to the Daily Star over the weekend, the telly presenter - who topped the leader board on last night's show - admitted to "crying like a baby" over the programme.

"I actually get hysterical before each show. I know it's silly because it's only a TV programme but I actually cry like a baby," she told the tabloid. "I frequently get panic attacks which are so embarrassing. The other contestants look at me like I'm absolutely mad or a freak. It's so bad the producers have tried to get me to meditate but I wouldn't know where to start."

The top celebrity skater revealed that eliminated contestant Denise Welch helped her out in the past. "She's the one who sits down with me and calms me down," Chloe explained. "I'm a little scared she won't be there to help."

Last night Chloe topped the leader board for the first time in the series when the judges awarded her 27 points out of 30, following her routine with a skipping rope and hula hoop. However Chloe confessed that top scores don't come without some drawbacks, she explained: "I have so many bruises on me I look like a battered wife!"

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