Jason Gardiner blasts Dancing On Ice as going 'beyond panto' and becoming 'a circus'

Jason Gardiner

Always critical Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner has blasted the show as going too far and becoming a circus. Speaking to The Mirror about Sunday's show, which saw Denise Welch's husband Tim Healy invade the stage to confront Jason live on air, Gardiner moaned the programme had gone "beyond panto".

Chatting about the incident on Sunday, Jason told the tabloid: "I didn't see Tim coming towards me - I smelt him. Tim should regret getting in my face when I am doing my job. He was talking absolute gibberish.

"I am trying to do my job. I am doing what I am paid to do which is to critique and say what I see. It does always surprise me that people take such umbrage about critique. They need to put into perspective what I am saying."

The choreographer continued on his rant, moaning: "It's hilarious that it has all turned into a circus. It is beyond pantomime, it is circus. I assess everything as it happens. You are live and it is unpredictable. We don't know how it is going to play out on the night."

He added: "I can't be too consumed with whether it is going to upset a lot of people. For all of the people that are upset there are many more that aren't. There have been a couple of instances when my producers have told me, 'That was close to the mark - we could have done without that'. But ultimately it has brought a lot of publicity."

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